February Match Results

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Saturday Open - 4th Feb 2023

Well done all who fished today. They're having a little feed now 😂

1st Kevin Fletcher peg 30 61lb 2 2nd Barry Davies peg 27 54lb 4 3rd Russ Amos peg 13 52lb 7 4th Steve Halliwell peg 9 44lb 9 5th Jason Lewis peg 1 44lb 6 6th Simon Knibbs peg 24 38lb 6 7th James Woodcock peg 25 35lb 10 8th John Farley peg 21 35lb 5

Thursday Rover - 2nd Feb 2023

Today's Rover results well done all who fished. Won’t be long now they’ll be back on the feed big time 💥

1st Ian Hall peg 5 45lb 9
2nd Barry Davies peg 22 36lb 10
3rd Paul Taylor peg 11 27lb 12