April-June Match Results

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Thursday Open - 30th May 2024

1st place Steve Halliwell 77lb 10oz peg 27
2nd place Barry Davies 67lb 13 oz peg 19
3rd place Mathew gGlvin 62lb 12oz peg 29

Wednesday Evening Open - 29th May 2024

1st place Craig Owen Gratton 73lb15oz peg 11
Section winner James Woodfine Angling 65lb 7oz peg 24
Section winner Paddy 62lb 10oz peg 28
Section winner Michael Sedgwick 54lb 5oz peg 9

Monday Bank Holiday Open - 27th May 2024

Section winner Billy Davany 98lb 3oz peg 29
Section winner Paul Keeley 93lb 12 oz peg 13
Section winner Sam Kennedy 71lb 5oz peg 24

Dragon 5 Qualifier - Sunday 26th May 2024

Dragon 5 qualifier results congratulations 🎊. Section winner and through to the final:
Colin Doran with 133lb 4oz peg 21
Section winner Lee Greenwood 60lb 12 oz peg 3
Section winner Craig Owen Gratton 86lb 2 oz peg 13

Thursday Open - 23rd May 2024

1st place Barry Davies 113lb 2oz peg 5
2nd place Barry Gabriel 83lb 6oz peg 3
3rd place Terry Windsor 59lb 15oz peg 11

Wednesday Open Evening Match - 22nd May 2024

Tonight's evening match results. Stamford Way's first evening match, Congratulations 🎊
1st place Barry Davies 56lb peg 21
2nd place Simon Knibbs 54lb 14oz peg 22
3rd place Terry Windsor 38lb 3oz peg 19

Tuesday Open - 21st May 2024

1st place Terry Windsor 85lb 3oz peg 25
2nd place Lee Greenwood 82lb 15oz peg 19
3rd place Paul Taylor 74lb 3oz peg 17

Thursday Open - 16th May 2024

1st place Andy Amos 85lb 9oz peg 24
2nd place Terry Windsor 76lb peg 31

Tuesday Open - 14th May 2024

1st place Terry Windsor 51lb 10oz peg 25
2nd place Lee Greenwood 50lb peg 21
3rd place Kev Billingsley 38lb peg 27

Dragon 4 Qualifier - Sunday 12th May 2024

Section winner and qualifying for the final:
Simon Knibbs 108lb 5oz peg 19
Section winner Lawrence Titchiner 88lb peg 11
Section winner Barry Davies 91lb 4oz peg 7

Thursday Open - 9th May 2024

1st place Barry Gabriel 113lb 13oz peg 22
2nd place Terry Windsor 94lb 10oz peg 27
3rd place Steve Halliwell 86lb 7oz peg 19

Monday Open - 6th May 2024

1st place Jason Davis 106lb 9oz peg 30
2nd place 105lb 5oz peg 25
3rd place 92lb 6oz peg 17

Thursday Open - 2nd May 2024

1st place Terry Windsor 92lb 9oz peg 21
2nd place Paul Taylor 91lb 13oz peg 5
3rd place Barry Davies 75lb 7oz peg 17
4th place Lenny Hewitt 75lb 3oz peg 19

Tuesday Open - 30th April 2024

1st place Barry Davies 99lb 1oz peg 17
2nd place Terry Evans 90lb 12oz peg 7

Dragon Round 3 Results - Sunday 28th April 2024

Section winner and through to the final Jack Williams 122lb 7oz peg 17
Section winner Simon Knibbs 85lb 2oz peg 9
Section winner Lawrence Titchiner 78lb 9oz peg 5
Unlucky to David Howard 107lb 9oz peg 23

Thursday Open - 25th April 2024

Section winner Paul Mantle 93lb 12oz peg 7
Section winner Wynne Fewster 53lb 12oz peg 22
Section winner Kelvin Hughes 50lb 15 oz peg 11

Tuesday Open - 23rd April 2024

Section winner Euan Luke 81lb 2oz peg 11
Section winner Barry Davies 80lb 6oz peg 5
Section winner Lenny Hewitt 40lb peg 18

Sunday Open - 21st April 2024

1st place Michael Sedgwick 115lb 13oz peg 5
2nd place Lenny Hewitt 70lb 3oz peg 3

Thursday Open - 18th April 2024

Section winner niel Jones 104 lb 8oz peg 5
Section winner Barry Gabriel 81lb 3oz peg 11
Section winner Ian Hayes 52lb 5oz peg 18
Unlucky to Terry windsor with 85lb 2 lb peg 3

Tuesday Open - 16th April 2024

Section winner Barry Davies 82lb 4oz peg 3
Section winner Steve Halliwell 53lb 6oz peg 29
Section winner Paul Mantle 32lb 11 oz peg 21

Dragon of the North - Sunday 14th April 2024

Dragon second round winner and through to the final congratulations 🎊
Michael Sedgwick 70lb 5oz peg 5
Section winner Lenny Hewitt 47lb 15oz peg 21

Thursday Open - 11th April 2024

1st place Neil Jones 78lb 14 oz peg 15
Section winner Michael Sedgwick 73lb 9oz peg 9
Section winner Andy Amos 67lb 15oz peg 31
Section winner Barry Gabriel 60lb 9oz peg 24

Deeside Tackle Charity Match - Sunday 7th April 2024

Thanks so much to Deeside tackle for having their match at our venue and well done to all that fished 🎣

1st place Steve Halliwell 46lb 10oz peg 24
2nd place Michael Sedgwick 37lb peg 11
Section winner young Austin Gratton 19lb 11 oz peg 20
Section winner Martin Wedley 15lb 7oz peg 12
Section winner Lenny Hewitt 29lb 3 oz peg 25
Section winner David Howard 35lb 5 oz peg 5

Thursday Open - 4th April 2024

1st place birthday boy Kevin Fletcher 68lb 14oz peg 17
2nd place Barry Davies 67 lb peg 29

Monday Open - 1st April 2024

1st place Neil Jones 53lb 7oz peg 31
2nd place Barry Gabriel 52lb 8oz peg 20
3rd place David Howard 52lb 1 oz peg 27