The Fishery

2 pools (Twin Oaks) well stocked with carp and F1's

Located in the Ewloe countryside, Stamford Way Fisheries is open all year round offering 2 carefully tended coarse fishing pools (Twin Oaks) heavily stocked with common carp, mirror carp and F1's. Our family friendly fishing lakes cater for anglers of all ages and abilities with 41 pegs (combined, including a wheelchair friendly peg) offering carp fishing for pleasure anglers with local/resident open matches, competitive match fishing and festivals held regularly throughout the year - see matches page.

Opening Times & Prices

Pleasure fishing is available 7 days a week, dawn till dusk (unless otherwise stated). Please purchase tickets from cafe/reception. Any questions, please call Leon on 07947 512262.

Please note: Pleasure fishing will NOT be available on occasional match dates held throughout the year as both pools are required. These will be posted here when applicable.

Due to limited parking at reception, could all anglers please park at pool parking and proceed to reception on foot.

Day Ticket (pp/per peg) Price
Adult (1 rod) £10
Discounted for Campers (1 rod) £8
Adult + Child (under 14, must share same peg) £11
Children (14 yrs +) £8
Children (under 14 yrs) £6
Wheelchair Accessible Peg (using this peg only) £8

Our fishery rules are detailed below and displayed on boards around the fishery. For any queries or advice on fishing our pools, please talk to us. We're always happy to help!

Our Facilities

We have toilets onsite, and you can take advantage of our cafe for food (see open times) and refreshments including alcohol to enjoy throughout the day or you may bring your own food and drink (please consume alcohol in moderation!)

Within the cafe we have a reception and small ancillary shop (open Tues-Sun) for tickets, and tackle with leading brands of bait and a small stock of branded clothing/outerwear. To preserve the excellent quality of our waters, you can use any pellets on the hook, but all feed pellets and ground bait must be purchased onsite.

Stamford Way Camping, Campsite

Twin Oaks Fishery Rules


Due to limited parking at reception, could all anglers please park at pool parking and proceed to reception on foot.

Day tickets and fisheries pellets must be purchased from reception before proceeding to fish. Please buy a day ticket or settle your club booking, before proceeding to fish.

No boots or over gear to be worn in reception or cafe.

All are welcome here at Twin Oaks, but children aged under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Strictly no ball games/no playing around the pool.

All landing net heads and keepnets need to be dipped prior to using.

Fishing only from the numbered pegs. No cutting or diffing bankside vegetation.

Twin Oaks Pools is a family venue. Please use the toilets provided.

Respect other anglers. No loud music, BBQ's on the bank. Alcohol is permitted in moderation.

Be fish friendly! Barbless hooks (maximum size 16), and free running feeder rigs only. No elasticated feeders.

Due to this being a new fishery and heavily stocked with a mixture of sized fish (maximum 6lb) we ask that a maximum of 5lb main line is used until further notice.

All anglers must be in possession of a landing net.

All fish must be netted.

No tapping the pole on the surface of the water.

An unhooking mat must be used for photographing the fish. No fish to be out of the water for more than 2 minutes.

Please take your litter home with you.


No boilies.

No meat of any kind is allowed.

No floating baits (i.e. feeding or fishing with baits that are floating on the surface). Pop up baits suspended mid water are allowed.

Any Feed pellets and ground bait used must be purchased from our onsite tackle shop.

No paste.

No leftover bait to be thrown into the lakes or surrounding areas, it must be disposed of off site


No more than 8 pints of live/particle bait to be taken to your peg at any time. In addition to this, anglers are allowed a maximum of 1 kilo of worms, and 2kg of ground bait.

A strict 16m pole limit is in force.

Anglers may fish halfway between the peg that they are sat on, and the nearest angler.

When pole fishing, a float must be used. A minimum of 4 inches of line must hang between the elastic connector and its lowest fixed point in the water, the float must support the weight on the line below it. Jigga floats are allowed as long as the riles are adhered to.

No feeding via a second pole/rod while a baited hook is in the water.

Please remember to bring and use your own keep nets in matches (will require dipping).


Our sole aim is to create a pleasant, fair environment for anglers to enjoy our facilities.

Please report any violation of the above rules to the fishery team as soon as possible. We reserve the right to disqualify, evict, or ban any individual that we regard to be showing a blatant disregard for our rules.

In a match fishing context, please note that reports of any competitor breaking the rules must be made immediately, while the competition is ongoing.

With regard to our keepnet rules, any angler who weights more than 60lb 1oz in a single net will be docked back to 60lb. If the total weight in the net exceeds 70lbs, the whole weight in that net will be lost.

The management reserves the right to close the venue in adverse weather conditions.

Polite notice - Please be courteous towards fellow anglers - treat your neighbour with respect regardless of your peg. Enjoy your fishing and remember Twin Oaks Pools and Stamford Way Fisheries is all inclusive, welcoming anglers of all ages and abilities.